Do you want to design your own table?

Abian tables are handmade and that allows us to offer exclusive tables designed to suit each one, you can combine the materials we have or incorporate any pattern or fabric that you like.

Among the materials that you can combine are different types of wood such as Chestnut , Cherry , Zebrano , Walnut , Sapely , Natural Eucalyptus , Vaporized Beech , Maple and Smoked Eucalyptus , if you want something more original you can combine your design with sheets of stones such as the Quartzite and Slate , and if it was not original enough, mix the different options of Canvas fabrics or Denim fabrics .

You can design your board in our facilities or remotely, we will work together to achieve the combination of your dreams.

Steps to follow to design your own table:

  1. Choose the model from our store that you like the most.
  2. Contact us via WhatsApp, email or with the form below and share your idea or wish.
  3. We will inform you of the different material options, possible combinations, prices and deadlines.
  4. We recommend that you make an appointment to visit us in our workshop, to be able to touch, see the materials and specify. The process can also be done remotely.
  5. Let the magic begin! 🛹️

To find out more about custom tables you can fill out the form below requesting more information or write to us on WhatsApp from the button on the bottom right (green button with the logo).

Below you will see some examples of custom boards where you will see different ways of mixing the woods, like the stone finish or even leopard patterns or a fabric tail.

Stone stamped models:

Table composed of a fabric with a leopard pattern on the top, different combinations of woods and small membranes with patterns and a thin layer of stone in the center.

Table composed of stone sheets with a wooden core in the center and a wooden tail

Models with fabric designs:

Surfskates with a combined design of a wood veneer with a central membrane and a fabric tail with a colored pattern.

Combinations of different wood veneers and membranes with and without pattern: