If Abian is a reality today, it is because we have always believed that there is a sustainable way of doing things. With our sustainability report, we show our commitment and goals for the coming years and contribute to achieving the Agenda 2030.


Our vision

Between the Basque Country's surfing capital and one of the most mythical waves in the region, there is Abian, the brand of skateboards made in the Basque Country. We set up Abian convinced that skateboards could be made more sustainably and in love with surfing and nature. We like to show that it is possible to enjoy sustainable boards produced locally. First, we started manufacturing in our garage. What started as a dream would become reality in the company that Abian is today. And although we have already made the jump from a small garage to our factory, we do not forget our origins. Every board is still made with the same love, detail and unique style that characterizes Abian. We continue to produce high-quality custom boards. Enjoy your sustainable and stylish board that is different and unique, just like you. Sustainability is a cross-cutting concept. At Abian we apply sustainability to more than just our production and logistics. We support groups that have not enjoyed such inclusion or recognition by sponsoring women surfers and people with disabilities, as well as supporting projects in developing areas.


Sustainable Development Goals

We take our responsibility seriously and want to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG ́s).
We support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

"A Spain that has achieved the SDG`s by 2030 will be the country which we all dream of. Therefore Agenda 2030 is already at the heart of the vision and action of government. It represents a way of acting in the world. To achieve the goals everyone must do his part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people..."

Gobierno de España: https://www.agenda2030.gob.es/objetivos/


Our priorities

In this section, we outline our priorities and main actions about sustainability within our vision.

Our approach is to make our production as sustainable as possible. We are aware that CO2 emissions are also generated in our process of production and by shipping our products. For this reason, we will have our CO2 consumption from production and shipping externally analyzed and checked. Afterwards, we are committed to offsetting our emissions.
"Sustainable skateboards are possible!"
Sustainability has been important since Abian's beginnings. With our products we want to show that the production of sustainable boards is feasible and possible. For us, it is important to be aligned with our clients and partners who share the same values and commitment to sustainability. For this reason, sustainability is key to our communication and we will communicate our progress in further sustainability reports.
  In our board production we only use sustainable products. The wood we use comes from certified resources. For every tree that is cut, two new ones are planted. Other products we need for our production are certified with the EU Ecolabel. We are looking for the possibility of certification for our final product.

In addition to our priorities, you will find listed below our further goals concerning sustainability.


The CO2 consumption from our production will be analyzed and checked externally in 2021. As soon as the results are available, we will start offsetting our emissions.
Sustainability is very important to us. We will present our progress in further reports to our clients and partners.
We only use sustainable products in our production. We are looking for the possibility to certify our product.
We use local products to promote local production and support our local economy.
Our vision is to build our own skateboard trucks in the Basque Country. We want to create a network of partners and to secure funding to address this challenge.
For our packaging we use recyclable products (paper, cardboard and our wooden leftovers) and do not use plastic. The packaging of the products we ship is 100% sustainable.
We want to keep "green innovation" in our work. We will invest in researching new sustainable materials that can be used for our production.
We support gender equality and the integration of other collectives: We support women surfers and will continue collaborating with different surf collectives like "emakumea surflari", surfers with disabilities, and sponsoring athletes.
We will analyze whether it makes economical and ecological sense to develop a "skateboard return system". For example, the old boards could be returned and possibly reused and recycled by us. We will carry out an analysis until 09/2021.
Publication: October 2020
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