Abian was born in early 2017 from our eternal desire to be able to surf every day. A dream slowly macerated in our heart of the sea. We are two lovers of surfing and nature, who wanted to take everything we have learned a step further since 2006, when we started making surfboards with paulownia wood.

From that moment until today we continue exploring every day in the design of organic products, 100% sustainable and that do not harm the planet. With this objective, we select the best materials using only what is necessary and generating the minimum possible surplus.

We develop customizable products in which you can choose a wide range of materials and finishes. If your desire is to have a unique and exclusive table, we can design it with you and make it come true.

Abian is our dream of creating 100% sustainable pieces, with highly reliable design and technique, that sets us apart from other surf, skate or balance boards. Products made with care and care in our craft workshop in Getaria (Basque Country). Boards made with soul, inspired by surfing with all our dedication, and a single wish: to make you immensely happy about them.