How to train with Professor Jabi Iraizoz @kukurustan




Step 1

 How to start? The safest way to start with the balance board is with the small roller. It is best to place the roller at one end of the table, next to the top, and with the other foot try to climb little by little. We will avoid sudden movements or very fast slides. Once you have practiced and feel good with this roller you can confidently move onto the large roller. You will be surprised that you have gained in security and it is less difficult than you imagine. Super fun.





Step 2

The balance board has helped me to review my surfing technique and it is a wonderful tool to give you a better balance to be at the top in the next session in the water.



Step 3

Once having practiced with the small roller I went to the big one and wondered if I could stay in the center. It is possible and I think it is a posture that helps to strengthen the legs and the abdominal area. Also, by closing your eyes, it promotes calm and mental focus.




Step 4

Bringing Padmasana, the Yoga lotus pose to the balance board has been a very fun challenge. It requires time and concentration and little by little you can get to stay longer. 



Personal training by Lucia Martiño @lucia_martino