LAGA 19"


This beach located in Bizkaia is one of the most beautiful sandy areas on the Biscayan coast. It offers a consistent surf all year round, creating several right and left peaks that break according to the state of the bottoms.

These little boards are very stable and solid, just like longboards.

With their wide trucks and wheels, they make them ideal for walking around the city. Practical and very easy to transport.

Construction laminated with birch woods and decorated with Walnut, Sapely, Maple and white Beech hardwood.

Measurements: 19 "9 1/4

Wheelbase: 11 7/32

Concave: no

Flex: no

Wheel arch: no

Board weight: 0.75 kg

Total weight: 2.5 kg


Abian Clasic 180 mm trucks

The abian truck is a standard longboard truck with inverted kingpin. Forged aluminium makes it stronger and more precise, while maintaining stability.



Abian wheels are fast and smooth wheels. It has the perfect combination of speed and grip on the road. Ideal for carving and cruising.

70mm 80A

Bearing: ABEC 9


Customize the board with a pyrography

If you want to pyro-record the board with your name, send a JPG file to and call us at +34 676 06 91 77 to define the placement of the design.

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