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Angelu is little California that offers endless sandy bottom beaches, where the best surfing tubes in all of southern France are created.

In addition to their incomparable design, all Abian boards are easy to pump, versatile and with very good performance, the concave grips the foot and increases balance, while the raised tail allows better control.

The 31 and 32 "surfskates offer a more classic and calm surfing.

Construction laminated with birch woods and decorated with cherry, walnut, maple and eucalyptus fume hardwood.

Measurements: 32 "10"

Wheelbase: 18 7/64

Concave: high

Wheel arch: yes

Board weight: 1.3 kg

Total weight: 3.2 kg


Abian Technic truck

Abian Technic trucks are the ideal ones to feel authentic surfing and perfect for training or technicalizing the most radical maneuvers.

They will simulate the sensations of a fun wave and you can fully enjoy a Pump track, skatepark or burn asphalt through the city.

The rotation of both axes is adjustable, loosening the King pin of the bushing, thus achieving versatile and dynamic trucks.

The Abian Technic are high performance trucks that do not require maintenance.


Abian New Wave truck

The Abian New Wave truck allows you to speed up o increase speed by making smooth turns without the need to push with your foot. You can feel the movement of the surf as if you were surfing a wave.

This truck is ideal for calm surfing or for beginners looking for a stable surfskate. It has an adjustable spring that can be adjusted progressively so you can gradually increase your speed.



Right angle, ideal for long trips, with a greater sensation of displacement. 80A hardness with a very good grip.

62mm 80A

Bearing: ABEC 9



Customize the board with a pyrography

If you want to pyro-record the board with your name, send a JPG file to and call us at +34 676 06 91 77 to define the placement of the design.

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