Loose board ORRUA 33" PRO


  loose board. Its design is designed for those looking for a table with a larger surface but in turn reactive. The Orrua with his 20" wheelbase It will allow you to make tighter, sharper and faster turns. Made with a wide nose and tail for comfort, and a medium concave for grip so your feet stay in place. It is a good option for those who have a taller than 1.75m.

For the construction of this table, different species and formats of wood have been used.
Orrua is the result of the combination of 3 woods and a marquetry strip that have shaped this 33” long Skateboard.

    • 6 sheets of birch wood 1mm thick, coming from mountainous areas of northern Europe with certification of sustainable plantations.
    • Author wood of smoked eucalyptus, a product oriented towards high-end decoration projects, its exclusivity, warmth and natural texture is what makes it different.
    • natural eucalyptus wood, chosen for its quality, its sustainable character, unique aesthetics and versatility.
    • A contrast marquetry strip and as a separation between both woods, where the art or technique of veneering pieces of wood in a 10mm wide structure is appreciated.
    • To finish on the back, the walnut wood that combines two shades, the gray of the sapwood and the greyish brown of the heartwood with dark veins, it is one of the favorite dark woods of many professionals.


MEASUREMENTS 33 x 10,2 x 20"

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