The balance boards that have become so fashionable in recent years are an entertaining and very beneficial tool for the body.

The Balance Board Oreka consists of a board, built with different woods and sustainable materials, 80 cm long by 30 wide and in the shape of a light eight and with a soft anti-slip made with silica sand. The table is complemented by a 40 cm wooden roller. wide with two diameter options to choose or combine. They can be 14cm in diameter or 9cm in diameter.

The 14 cm diameter is more common and with it you can practice from the most basic movements to the most daring tricks. The 9cm diameter, although at first we designed it for the little ones, we soon realized that it had another utility, with which you can practice balancing eliminating the possibility of falling since the board is much closer to the ground.

Pros of the 14cm diameter roller: You can train without limit any exercise or trick.

Cons of the 14 cm roller: If you are a beginner it will cost you a little more to get on the table, which is usually achieved in two or three days at most.

Pros of 9 cm roller: It is very easy to get on the table from the first moment and the chances of falling are reduced to a minimum. Suitable for all audiences, from young children to adults.

Cons of the 9 cm roller: Although you can practice balance perfectly on the table if you want to increase the level of movements or tricks you have the possibility that the table touches the ground.

To reduce possible risks of damage, especially the first few times, we recommend having a clean environment around the Oreka balance board.

It is an exercise that engages from the first moment and always wants a little more, ideal for practicing alone or challenging ourselves among friends or family. And although it is mostly related to surfing, it is very beneficial as part of training in the practice of many sports.

You must keep your balance on the board, avoiding that any part of the board touches the ground. In this way the parts of the body that affect the balance process are trained and stimulated, that is, the fingers, feet, ankles, knees, arms, neck, as well as the vestibular system that will be greatly favoured, these are the sensory organs responsible for regulating balance, that is, the inner ear, cerebellum, eyes ... Also, the somatic sensory system that is responsible for regulating information on the skin, joints, spatial position and movement relative to the surface of support and proprioception (body position).

Constant practice with this type of board will be very beneficial to prevent injuries and even to rehabilitate any that you may have.

They serve to improve agility, flexibility, and speed in reflexes that decay over the years, work on body coordination, the ability to anticipate and react or the reflex.

The Oreka takes up very little space and you can even put it in a favourite space in your room or living room as it is a beautiful craft job.


Customize the board with a pyrography

If you want to pyro-record the board with your name, send a JPG file to and call us at +34 676 06 91 77 to define the placement of the design.

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