Loose board URRIAN ARRI 32" PRO


Loose board. This limited series of 15 units is inspired by the natural phenomenon of the Zumaia flysch.

Fascinated with its shapes, we wanted to capture the rocky extracts formed at the bottom of the ocean in this spectacular table.

Its exclusive design composed of a natural slate stone in mauve tones that, combined with exotic zebrano wood, seeks to simulate the drawings of rock formations.

For the construction of this table, we have used stone, handmade marquetry, different species and formats of wood.
The result is Urrian arri a exclusive table, the work of the combination of different materials to get a result only one in the world.

MEASUREMENTS 32" x 10" x 20"

BOARD 6 birch sheets of 1.5 mm
1 1mm zebrano wood and stone sheet 1 1mm vaporized beech sheet


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