Loose board NEW ZARAUTZ 32" PRO

Loose board. Its beautiful fish tail design and its great woodwork is inspired by a retro fish surfboard. He New Zarautz is a versatile board with a 20" wheelbase. A wide nose and tail and a medium concave will give you a feeling of stability, comfort and a very good grip on your feet for better control during turns.
For the construction of this table, different species and formats of wood have been used.
Zarautz is the result of the combination of 6 wood and two marquetry strips that have given shape to it Skateboard the 32" about the length

    • 6 sheets of birch wood 1mm thick, from mountainous areas of northern Europe with certification of sustainable plantations.
    • Signature smoked eucalyptus wood, a product aimed at high-end decoration projects, its exclusivity, warmth and natural texture is what makes it different.
    • Light maple wood in contrast and as a separation between the two signature woods, a resistant and soft wood, one of the most versatile, from northern Spain, Europe and very abundant in the northern United States with more than twenty different species.
    • Madeira de Zebrano, Its striking appearance makes it unique and very decorative. It is resistant and of good quality, used mainly in cabinetmaking.
    • A contrasting strip of marquetry and as a separation between both strips of zebrano, where the art or technique of veneering pieces of wood in a 0.8 mm wide structure can be appreciated.
    • cherry wood in the tail, this noble wood stands out for its quality and reddish color, a wood highly appreciated for its elegance originally from southern Europe.
    • To finish on the back, the wood of steamed beech Recognized for its excellent behavior with any finish and its hardness.

MEASUREMENTS 32" x 10" x 20"

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