Loose board MEÑAKOZ 32" PRO


  loose board of the surfskate Meñacoz with a current design is inspired by modern hull plant. The Menakoz It is designed to offer total comfort with a wide nose and tail. With its medium concave you will get a perfect position to achieve a very good maneuverability. With this compact table of a 19" wheelbase You will surf the streets drawing wide and fluid lines.

For the construction of this table, we have used different species and formats of wood.
Meñakoz is the result of the combination of 5 woods and two strips of fine marquetry that have given shape to it. Skateboard the 32" about the length

    • 6 sheets of birch wood 1mm thick, from mountainous areas of northern Europe with certification of sustainable plantations.
    • Steamed beech wood, recognized for its excellent behavior in any finish and hardness properties.
    • Two thin marquetry strips in black and white colors contrast between the two woods.
    • Zebrano wood in the centerIts striking appearance makes it unique and very decorative, it is resistant and of good quality, used mainly in cabinetmaking.
    • To finish on the back, wenge wood with its characteristic dark colouring, is a heavy material, very hard that allows for very fine joinery work.
MEASUREMENTS 32 x 10,2 x 19"



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