Loose board GETARIA 31" PRO


loose board of the Surfskate with design fish tail y grip is inspired by a board elegant and classic surf, called Getaria, the same name as the town where we were born. Very versatile board with a 18" wheelbase, a wide nose and tail and with a medium concave will give you a feeling of stability, comfort and a very good grip on your feet for better control of turns.

For the construction of this table, we have used different species and formats of natural wood and cork.
Getaria is the result of the combination of 3 woods and a sheet of cork that have shaped this Skateboard the 31" about the length

    • 6 sheets of birch wood 1mm thick, from mountainous areas of northern Europe with certification of sustainable plantations.
    • Walnut wood which combines two shades, the gray of the sapwood and the grayish brown of the heartwood with dark veins, it is one of the favorite dark woods of many professionals, in this table we have chosen to place it both on the front and on the back of the the same.
    • Light maple wood in contrast, as a separation between the two wooden fillets, a resistant and soft wood, one of the most versatile, from northern Spain, Europe and very abundant in the northern United States with more than twenty different species
    • At the bottom, as a grip, a 1mm thick sheet of natural cork from the cork oak forests of southern Spain.

MEASUREMENTS 31 x 10,3 x 18"



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