Loose board BURRIANA 60"


 Loose board. The Burriana a true longboard made only to order so far, with a retro style, is inspired by the first longboard surfboards. Built with a medium flex (suitable for 60/85 kg.) it allows you to surf on it with total comfort, as well as its design offers you a feeling of greater stability and speed. With a Wheellbase de 45"with which you can make wide turns and practices in different modalities.

  • For the construction of this table, we have used marquetry, different species and formats of wood.

The Burriana table is the result of the combination of 5 woods that have shaped this 60” longboard.

  • 11 sheets of 1mm thick birch wood, from mountainous areas of northern Europe with certified sustainable plantations.
  • It is covered by fine vaporized beech wood, recognized for its excellent behavior with any finish and its hardness.
  • In the center with its reddish color, the contrasting sapele wood, common for carpenters in the manufacture of luxury furniture and guitars, native to tropical Africa. Easy to work.
  • In the lower part of the table, a strip of marquetry in brown tones. On the back of the table, the walnut wood that combines two shades, the gray of the sapwood and the grayish brown of the heartwood with dark veins, it is about a favorite dark wood of many professionals
  • A strip of chestnut wood in the center in contrast to the walnut wood, it is a quality wood. It is resistant, flexible, durable and improves its appearance as it ages. It is native to Asia, but is widespread in Europe.


MEASUREMENTS 60" x 11" x 45"



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