Loose board ABODI - IRATI 33"


loose board of the 1er Snowskate in progress. Its design is inspired by a snowboard of wood with similar benefits so that when getting on the IRATI board it is like sliding on the snow of Abodi or in a sea of mountains, with a wheelbase of 20" It makes it a less reactive board with more open turns, a raised nose and tail for greater comfort and a more pronounced concave for a greater feeling of stability and grip on your feet for better control when turning on asphalt.

For the construction of this table, different species and formats of wood have been used.
Abodi-Irati is the result of the combination of 4 woods that have shaped this Skateboard the 33" about the length

    • 6 sheets of birch wood 1mm thick, from mountainous areas of northern Europe with certification of sustainable plantations.
    • Madeira de sapeli common by carpenters in the manufacture of luxury furniture and guitars, native to tropical Africa. Easy to work with a reddish color.
    • chestnut wood, a quality wood. It is resistant, flexible, durable and improves its appearance as it ages. It is native to Asia but is widespread in Europe.
    • ANDn the center, Wenge wood With its characteristic dark colouring, it is a heavy, highly hard material that allows for very fine joinery work.
    • To finish at the back, steamed beech wood Recognized for its excellent behavior with any finish and its hardness.


MEASUREMENTS 33" x 10" x 20"



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