Do you spend a lot of time sitting and feel muscle pain?

The Abian cork roller, in addition to using it with the Oreka board, can be used for exercises and massages, and has multiple benefits for your health. Its cork material is not only waterproof, but also more durable than other standard foam rollers. In addition, its hardness provides greater stability during use, which makes it perfect for both exercises and massages.

Keep your muscles in good condition

The Abian Roller is an indispensable device to warm up and relax muscles. Its use increases blood flow and improves range of motion, reducing the risk of injury and helping to relax muscles after exercise. In addition, its shape and size allow you to work different parts of the body, which helps you improve your training. Thanks to its cork material, it is pleasant to the touch and its weight ensures greater stability during use.

Use it in your yoga practice too!

In addition to being perfect for use with the balance board, you can use it for warm-up and muscle relaxation exercises, the Abian Roller is also an excellent tool for your yoga practice. It will help you improve balance and perform different asanas with greater stability and precision.

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