LAGA 19"


  Its fun design is inspired by longboards. The Laga model It is a shorter board, mounted with wide trucks and wheels, it will give you stability and a feeling of going on a long board, perfect for walking on a boardwalk. Designed to take it anywhere, in your backpack, in your trunk, always at hand. Smooth to move around the city. Fun and playful. It is ideal for both beginners and the most skilled.


MEASUREMENTS 19" x 9" x 11,6"
AXLE SYSTEM inverted 180 mm
WHEELS 65 x 51 mm 80a

WEIGHT ------
AXES inverted 180 mm
TABLE 6 birch sheets of 1.5 mm
1 Sheet of Walnut, Beech, Sapely 1 mm
1 Walnut sheet of 1 mm


This board is assembled with Longboard Silver 180mm trucks. Bushing AAK Orange and Wheels 65 x 51 mm 80a


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